Lute by Marx Unverdorben, Venice 1500-1525

This 7 course lute was made by Marx Unverdorben of Venice 1500-1525.
It is in the collection of the Museu de la musica, Barcelona, Inventory # MDMB 408
Handwritten label: Marx Unverdorben in Venetia

The data gathered on this Marx Unverdorben lute is preparation for making a copy as near as possible.

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Renaissance Lute – 8 Course

This lute is made of figured mahagony with a solid neck of the same wood. The top is Western Red Cedar and fingerboard of east indian rosewood.

This lute was made in the 1980’s and has been well-played since then. It is due for a little fix-up and cosmetic repair.

I changed the top from Western Red Cedar to Sitka.